Standard Lightboxes are made on the basis of aluminum frames. The front plate may be either slide in or front removal (click profile). We use Polycarbonate sheet 3 or 4mm thickness for the front.

The whole construction is reinforced with rectangular frames.

Inside the lightbox is painted with white paint and the outside may be chosen from the RAL palette.

Sizes and Shapes of lightboxes are made according to the client’s needs.

We make large format lightboxes on the basis of special frames with tensioning system for vinyl fabrics. Graphics may be done using translucent foil or printed on the media. In the case of a need of large quantity same style lightboxes we may use thermoforming face. In that case we use screen printing method for the graphics.

We have no problem with making complex shapes of lightboxes such as circular, elliptical, cross etc. We can also round the corners in any shape of lightbox.

We also possess aluminum frames for TEXTILE lightbox types where we use special tensile face on which we can print directly. It supported to the frame using sewn silicon tape.

We Also Sell Profiles

Click profiles

Textile Profiles

They both come in plain and anode versions

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