Showcases are made of aesthetic, silver-anodised aluminium. The lack of plastic corners, visible screws and hinges, as well as three wing seals are the main advantages of this system.

Thanks to the ventilation grilles used to prevent water vapour from conforming, Showcases can be mounted both indoors and outdoors. One-sided wing with a safe 4mm hardened glass or solid polycarbonate can be tilted to the left, right or using gas cylinders – up.

We also offer double-leaf display cases, the depth of which using the universal profile and the burrow profile can be up to 265mm.

We offer 7 standard dimensions, calculated according to the number of A4 cards that can accommodate the display case, as well as custom dimensions according to the customer’s request.

We also offer aluminium legs for display cases made of 80x3mm pipes.

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